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Graduate Life Fellow

Becoming a Graduate Life Fellow (GLF) was quite a process! After a long application and interview process, I was elated when I was finally selected.  Of over 75 promising applicants, myself and 6 others were chosen to represent the UNCC Center for Grad Life (CGL) as a GLF.  This position requires a lot of creativity, compassion, and true passion for enhancing the University as a whole for all students, not just graduate students.  As GLFs, we are required to lead planning for 2 events, while assisting our teammates and the CGL throughout the year.  Our initiatives are academic, professional, and personal development.  My personal initiative was to improve the GLF social media platforms.  We are creating an overhaul, including surveys, focus groups, and an overall analysis. I can't wait to compare the results once the year is over.



Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet

Fall/Spring Orientation

Graduate Focus Group

Peer Resource

Social Media Analysis

Sponsor Acquisition

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