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New Media Certificate Candidate

As a proud graduate from the UGA New Media Institute (NMI), I can say that I am overcome with pride and joy regarding the work I did there and the work others are able to do through the Institute.  Every class was innovative, ambitious, and practically grounded.  We didn't just learn technical skills, but in addition, how to apply them in the professional realm.  I left with a great understanding of how to build both web/mobile apps and sites, while also how to critically analyze which to use and when.  My proudest moment was serving as Team Leader for our Capstone Project.  We decided to create an application that could be accessed from a desktop, tablet, or phone that allowed UGA students to get involved in community service on a higher scale.  Our team was efficient, skilled, and one of the most fun teams I've ever worked with. The NMI is doing great things!



Web App for UGA Volunteer Orgs

Mobile Restaurant App

Professional Website (Dreamweaver)

Client Interface

Database Management

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