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The Team Burns

Charitable Foundation

In 2008, I lost my father to Colon Cancer. Within 6 months, I lost my grandmother to Lung Cancer.  These two tragedies led myself, my family, and our community to create a charitable organization that raised money and awareness for the American Cancer Society (ACS): The Team Burns Charitable Foundation.  Through the organization, we raised more than $26,000 for the ACS with annual benefit concerts, donation boxes, Relay for Life, and other fundraising efforts.  I served as the Administrative Director and Volunteer Coordinator, recruiting and managing 10 volunteers.  This effort truly sparked a love for non-profit work, and since then, I am sure to incorporate an element of community involvement in all that I do.



SpringSing:  Voices United for A Cure 2009/2010

Additional Fundraising Efforts

Administrative Director

Volunteer Coordinator

Web Design

Film Editing

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